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Somiya Jain

From MBA, an off track course (as a purported mandate), to a Fashion designer, it has been a tedious journey. Being a daughter of a successful business man—in clothing, I did repent over the fact of not pursuing Fashion Designing in academics. However, I grew up by self-learning & observing my successful father, and keeping fashion designing as a hobby, which eventually turned into a profession.

Sitting at home, I was always engrossed in virtually creating variable designs in lieu of seeking job interviews. Tired and dejected of assisting senior designers, I ended up with my woes to my parents who, like a family, not only encouraged, supported my dream / aspiration but endeavoured to fulfil it. Moreover, I am inexpressibly grateful and indebted to some unknown people whom I only know as my contented customers, for appreciating and encouraging my designs, and officially turning me into something which I always wanted to be—an aspiring Fashion designer.

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MRS. Ruby Jain

From CEO’s desk

“It is an honour to be a significant part of JustElite. I’m grateful to the almighty, that my daughter has turned her hobby into a profession and we are excited to launch this project.

It has been a tedious yet fruitful journey from a house-wife to a Chief Executive Officer. Most importantly, I feel grateful to the people who had encouraged me and my daughter, and hailed our collection from our earlier projects and exhibitions, to make it a success.

JustElite shall be a remarkable platform which shall not only comprise of an extensive collection but shall strictly adhere in providing the best it can to our shoppers”.

Our Mission

JustElite, an online fashion hub, brings it to you a plethora of Elite Pret-couture clothing for your casual / party wear. “Our mission is to enable every fashion enthusiast to wear more, and appear distinctively Elite”.

Our Vision

“We want our shoppers to have an ultimate experience by providing form-fitted, beautifully designed Elite garments from our extensive collection. We endeavour to serve our customers with utmost priority and to comprehend their lifestyle and precise choices, so much so that Just Elite becomes their only shopping platform”.